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Building Black Women started off as just a Women's Empowerment group on Facebook but has flourished into so much more. We aim to uplift, motivate and encourage women to be STRONG, SOLID, and BOLD.


In 2018, Building Black Women have provided financial assistance to some in need including rent, deposits, utilities, etc. BBW have also hosted events to provide food for displaced families, and donated to different causes and organizations.


Within the next five years, BBW aims to implement educational programs,  nutritional programs, mentor programs, child care assistance, continue financial assistance, open clothing closets and food pantries,  free or reduced counseling sessions, summer camp, tutoring, and job readiness.


We believe:

Women are born to be Queens

All women are Queens. What is a queen you asked? According to Cambridge's Dictionary, “she is a woman who rules a country because she have been born into a family which by tradition or law has the right to rule.” According to Building Black Women,  a queen is an empowered woman that is bold, strong, and solid. She wears her crown proudly and readjusts it if it happens to fall. A queen also empowers and uplift other women without hesitation. She is YOU!! Whether you are there or not, you can and you will be a queen as you grow with Building Black Women.


The process that encourages power in our women use in their own lives, their communities and in their society, by acting on issues they define as important. Former president of the US, Barack Obama, said, “ When women succeed, nations are more safe, secure and prosperous.” Women empowerment is very important because women are the greatest protectors and are more socially connected with the world. Empowered women and girls make power moves!!

About Sisterhood

Some people may see sisterhood as a group of women with common interest. Building Black Women is a family of queens that work together to empower, uplift, motivate, support, and build up each other! No sister is left behind!!!

About The Gift of Giving

 Giving should be from the heart.  Giving should be for the right reasons and not expecting anything in return.  You gain prosperity by giving.  We have displaced sisters that need us and we ‘re going to be there!